venerdì 11 maggio 2012

Scratch version 1.1 released! (official)

Here you can find the full post about the latest Scratch release version 1.1:

"I am glad to announce that Scratch 1.1, codename Illiad, is out. This is an important step for the development of this editor which became, from this version, a serious choice for a GTK based text editor.

With 1.1 you will see a lot of new

features such as:
New plugin system which has now a better structure and allows developers to write extensions in an easy way thanks to libpeas
Four plugins by default: Contractor, Pastebin, FileManager, and BashShell
Preferences dialog refactoring which is now a central part of the editor experience with a lot of settings to make your Scratch "more personal"
An option to run Scratch with a "set of extensions" was added to make the editor more extensible. It is a powerful feature which is now not too much used but you can find an example of this in lp:euclide (a good Vala CMake IDE for Scratch)
UI refactoring. The language selector is now in the text view's context menu and the search/replace/go to entries are now in a Find Bar
Added the possibility to auto save documents.

I want to spend a few words about the last feature I mentioned. All text editors, in Linux and not, need a click on a save button or an additional action to save the changes made by the user. With the auto save function (which is optional) this will not happen anymore because editing a file will be as writing on a piece of paper. Everything will be saved automatically without the need of additional actions. It may sound strange at start but will be very comfortable after a short time.

In addition to these features it is necessary to mention a huge amount of bugs were fixed and Scratch's memory usage was improved.

You can download Scratch 1.1 source code from the Launchpad page of the project here, and you can install it easily using the elementary stable ppa (ppa:elementary-os/stable).

Thanks a lot to all the contributors!

[Written by the Developer Mefrio]

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