giovedì 31 maggio 2012

What about Gala instead of Compiz? [Update 4]

In this video i will show you the new-cool effects using Mutter as window-manager instead of Compiz.

Watch it Mutter-in-action!

What you think about it? is the Council thinking about a window-manager change?
Here other two videos made by contributors of Elementary-project first - second.

Rimanete aggiornati. Update 1:
Read here for more official information.

Update 2: Another video + new effects

Check it out Gala
And.. Update 3: Mutter-based window manager is now Gala.

Update 4: Gala, the new window-manager is finally available via daily-ppa.

And here it is, a new video that show new feature

9 commenti:

  1. it's absolutly AWESOME! compiz it's already being too old lol but as long as i know luna is using compiz

  2. Actualy, compared to what i see in these videos, mutter seems still smoothier in gnom-shell but maybe it's because it's a screencast :S

  3. bu the way, how could i install it to try?

    1. You have to install mutter, but i don't suggest it because it's not stable and it will install other packages that you don't need.

    2. You can now find it via ppa-daily

    3. Oh yeah I installed it, but at the moment the only cool effect I can see is the one when launching/closing app's and the other when open a contextual menu, but I lose scale and expo, and also the effect of maximizing/minimizing app's is terrible. I will wait until they do something better. It is smooth as hell but it's too limited. Thanks for updating your blog, I visit it several times a day hehe.

    4. Yeah thank you for visiting it. It's not easy for me to make it always update. I try to do my best.. Currently i don't have a team, so you know i have to do all by myself.
      Keep visiting it

  4. Oh yeah, I also miss "Grid" and the tags on plank are static :S



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