sabato 16 giugno 2012

Beatbox Cerebro + Noise = Beatbox 0.7?

Beatbox 0.5 codenamed "Cerebro" released:

" Today marks the 0.5 release for BeatBox, codenamed "Cerebro". The official 0.5 build should be rolling out of the daily at fairly soon.
There (as usual) have been lots of changes since 0.4. For this release cycle, I paid particular attention to critiques from users (especially omg! comments). Changes include:
*New now playing view. Now playing view is a replacement for the info panel that was on the right side. This frees up the ui for more space and allows more information to be shown. Some of that information includes:
   *artist bio's, album facts, and song facts.
   *a list of all songs on the playing song's album. if you don't have some of the album's songs in your library, it will fill in with external songs. Also, it will fix your library's songs track #'s.
   *similar artists and artist tags
The similar songs have been moved to the left similar songs view (with mixing of songs you have and songs you don't).
If a media is a video, the video is shown isntead of the song info.
There are even more plans for this view in coming releases to make it a one-stop dashboard for music discovery and library content. All in all, the main purpose for this view is to promote music discovery, which was one of the original core attributes for beatbox.
*duplicates remover. duplicates remover will scan through your library and compare it to all other songs, looking for duplicates. you can then either manually select songs or have songs automatically selected to be removed. this view is still a work on progress and is planned to be made faster with fuzzy string matching in the future with more automatic select options. this view is accessible by right clicking on the library item in the left sidebar.
*translations. almost all of beatbox is translatable now, including the smart playlists.
*faster import. there is no longer a long pause before files start importing.
*loads embedded art during import
*unity integration with quicklists and progress bar
*volume selector in equalizer
*remember's last used view b/w sessions
And of course, there were many bug fixes including one that caused lots of crashes during import. "
Beatbox 0.7 announcement:

"Lastly, there is some big news on the future of BeatBox. Victor Eduardo, a previous developer of BeatBox and the lead developer of Noise will be rejoining the BeatBox team. For 0.6, we will be merging Victor's changes from Noise back into BeatBox, and then after 0.6 we will be chugging away at making BeatBox 0.7 even more awesome."

Written by Scott Ringwelski (Source)

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  1. So does that mean Beatbox will be the official music player for elementary again? Or do they keep going with this fiasco of two very similar music players exchanging code all the time.

    1. It means that in future version of Beatbox there will be a merge with Noise. we still don't know which one will be the default in Luna


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