domenica 1 luglio 2012

Preview of Gdrive by Tom Beckmann [Update 1]

In this video Tom Beckmann will show you a preview of his own project: Gdrive. It's a Google Drive client app that use to autenticate GnomeOnlineAccount.

You can notice pretty-cool feature, it doesn't show you only the file that you have online, but lets you create or modify existing one directly in the app. No need to open Browsers!

It's not ready to test. I will let you know.

Update 1: Now the project name is GWoffice, it's available to test via bzr

So we can say that maybe the 'office suite' missing problem from Luna, it will not be a real problem. This app with the Google online docs-service will be incredibly easy to use and effective.

" Google Web Office - GWoffice - brings your google drive to your dektop. It offers you a nice interface to its editing abilities and also gives you basic syncing for offline use.

Some features:
- HUD support for any keyboard bound command
- theming according to the current Gtk+ theme
- shortcuts for quickly creating documents
- drop to upload (and edit, if you enable it..) "

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2 commenti:

  1. Looks awesome, however i can't see anything different from a webapp, it could be amazing seeing it integrates with libreoffice and pantheon-files.

  2. The difference is that it adds some native like features like the popover with all your documents at 0:23, and the shortcuts at the home page


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