martedì 24 luglio 2012

eLuna + Android Jelly Bean wallpaper & dock-theme [Update 3]

Many people on Google+ have asked for more information about this screenshot:

The concept was made by Cassidy James. You can find the android Jelly Bean wallpapers here , I will upload the dock-android-theme soon!

Update 1: Uploaded!
You can now download the dock-theme here , password: noiaggiorniamo . You have to open files, new windows as administrator and go to usr/share/plank/themes and paste the folder you have already unzipped. Go to switchboard/appearance/theme/dock/theme and choose Jelly Bean.
Now log out and login again. Share your feedback 

Update 2: little change
Old One 'Jelly Bean'
The new one 'Jelly Bean 2'

You can download Jelly Bean 2 here, password is always the same. A brand new theme is coming!

Update 3: Pantheon Jelly Bean is here [EXCLUSIVE]

1st Screenshot
2nd Screenshot

Nobody else has this dock-theme, and it's now available! You can download it here, password is always the same, and the steps to install it too.

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